Big data is settling in. Vendors are getting better at connecting to it, processing it and visualizing it, and both IT and business users are becoming more savvy and aware of how to leverage it. Organisations across the private and public sectors use new analytics tools to drive innovation, and open data is now available to the public in a way they can understand. As a prime example, the City of Tampere is a forerunner among Finnish municipalities in sharing financial information openly with its citizens and leveraging these technologies to provide its financial overview to the public.

According to a 2013 Aberdeen Group report ‘Visualization: Set Your Analytics Users Free, “In organizations that use visual data discovery, managers are almost 30% more likely to find information in time to support their decisions, compared to managers in organizations that only have managed reporting and/or dashboards.” And having a data-driven decision-making culture undisputedly influences the bottom line. The Harvard Business Review set out to rigorously test this hypothesis and write in their report ‘Big Data: The Management Revolution’: “The more companies characterized themselves as data-driven, the better they performed on objective measures of financial and operational results. In particular, companies in the top third of their industry in the use of data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors.”

Here at Tableau Software, I help our Finnish customers use data to make smarter decisions every day. Marko Pajunen, Production Director at Vierumäki Sports Institute recently shared his data journey on this webinar. Marko demonstrated how his organization has improved the customer experience and revenues by understanding their data in real-time. Rather than struggling with the overwhelming quantity of their data from various sources and systems, they’re now using Tableau to mash up different data sources and create and share reports across all teams and managers to improve decision-making. Using Tableau, they understand the seasonal revenue impact on the different business segments, they segment their customer base in order to improve customer service and target marketing campaigns to appropriate sectors, they optimize staffing of their restaurants at quiet periods as well as peak hours, as well as enabling all their employees and managers to ask ad-hoc questions of their business anytime, anywhere on mobile devices or at their desks.

In my time at Tableau Software I’ve seen Finnish organisations from both the public and private sector enable more effective business intelligence and analytics projects after implementing self-service analytics. I’ve also seen the awareness and appetite of businesses to empower their users with data increase rapidly. The possibilities with big data are endless. I invite you to try Tableau with your data using our free 14 day trial and see firsthand how you can get new insights to see and understand your data like never before.

Linda Brown

Linda Brown is the Sales Area Manager for the Nordics at Tableau.

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